How to Qualify for the St. Louis Junior Invitational

  1. Prior St. Louis Junior Invitational Winners
    • Players placing in 1st, and all ties for first regardless of final champion, will automatically qualify the following year.  
  2. Prior St. Louis Junior Invitational Runner Up
    • The second and third place finishers and all ties will qualify for the St Louis Junior Invitational in the consecutive year.   
  3. Qualifiers and Special Exemptions
    • The Rules Committee will offer a limited number of automatic exemptions into the St Louis Junior Invitational.  
  4. Special Invitees  
    • Limited spots may be available for players that have won other championships recognized by the tournament committee.   
  5. Field
    • Any junior golfer residing in the United States may register on the tournament website.  The tournament  committee will be reviewing all applicants based on the player's prior tournament experience as well as how they placed in those tournaments. Reference will be made for player's current GHIN, but handicaps will be weighed the least.  Once the qualifying players (event winners, runner-ups, exemptions and special invitees) have confirmed their acceptance to participate in the championship, invitations will be issued to players in the "Field". 
The final tournament will be comprised of (90 players, men and women.  The division of male and female players will be approximately (55) men and (35) women.

Player Recruiters

Missouri, Illinois (Shawn Kelly) email   

Tennessee (Kallie Harrison) email

Arkansas (Dave Wells) email

Iowa (Joe Weinbauer) email

Indiana (John David) email

Kansas (Chuck Schasteen) email

Oklahoma, Kentucky (Stan Thompson) email

Georgia, Michigan, NC, Maryland              

(Steve Wendling) email


All other states (Jim McLaughlin) email

Golfers Added To Player Pool

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Connor Wood

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Eli Piper

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Luke Tisdale

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Morgan Withington

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Tatman Bahr