2020 Hold Over Invitations Already Issued
Special Exemption Invitations  Before February 22, 2021
Player Invitations - Round One  On or before March 10, 2021
Player Invitations - Round Two*    On or before April 2, 2021





Players receiving an invitation will have seven (7) days to accept admittance into the 2021 St Louis Junior Invitational, or will be placed on hold until after the next issuance of invites have been made, and registration period for those invites have expired.  To avoid delays or even missed opportunities to participate, please register promptly after receiving your official invite to participate. 

* Depending on the responses received in "Round One", the field could be complete and no "Round Two" announcements will be made. 

Player Recruiters

Missouri, Illinois (Shawn Kelly) email   

Tennessee (Kallie Harrison) email

Arkansas (Dave Wells) email

Iowa (Joe Weinbauer) email

Indiana (John David) email

Kansas (Chuck Schasteen) email

Oklahoma, Kentucky (Stan Thompson) email

Georgia, Michigan, NC, Maryland              

(Steve Wendling) email

Hawaii (Bob Phillips) email

All other states (Jim McLaughlin) email