Special Exemption Invitations  Issued February 22, 2021
Player Invitations - Round One  On or before April 10, 2021
Player Invitations - Round Two*    On or before May 2, 2021




Players receiving an invitation will have seven (7) days to accept admittance into the 2021 St Louis Junior Invitational, or will be placed on hold until after the next issuance of invites have been made, and registration period for those invites have expired.  To avoid delays or even missed opportunities to participate, please register promptly after receiving your official invite to participate. 

* Depending on the responses received in "Round One", the field could be complete and no "Round Two" announcements will be made. 


 Two Honorary Observer spots, one girl and one boy, to attend the Ascension Charity Classic on Friday, September 10, will be awarded to the 2021 Boys and Girls Champions of the St. Louis Junior Invitational.

 The Honorary Observers will receive a special “inside-the-ropes” credential, will be announced on the first tee with the playing group, and will received a signed photo of them with their professional group.

 It will be a one of kind experience for two of our players to have an up-close view of each golf shot and experience the excitement of being right there with some of the best players in PGA history. 


Junior Golf Scholarship

$6,300 raised of $6,000 goal



Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the ST LOUIS JUNIOR INVITATIONAL, please e-mail BOB PHILLIPS

Our continued success is dependent on having a strong core of volunteers that support and promote junior golf.  Thank you for your consideration!

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