Guidelines for Spectators Following Players On And Off The Course

  1. Spectators while being in attendance should promote sportsmanship, respect and the game of golf .
  2. Spectators agree to remain at least 20 yards away from all players/ caddies.
  3. Spectators agree to refrain from participating in players’ strategic decisions.
  4. Spectators agree to defer the enforcement of rules to players and the rules committee.
  5. Spectators agree to abstain from coaching the players.
  6. Spectators agree to abstain from caddying.
  7. Spectators are encouraged to be supportive of the players.
  8. Spectators that use golf carts during the championship, must remain on the path at all times and never be in close proximity to players.   


Player Recruiters

Missouri, Illinois (Shawn Kelly) email   

Tennessee (Kallie Harrison) email

Arkansas (Dave Wells) email

Iowa (Joe Weinbauer) email

Indiana (John David) email

Kansas (Chuck Schasteen) email

Oklahoma, Kentucky (Stan Thompson) email

Georgia, Michigan, NC, Maryland              

(Steve Wendling) email


All other states (Jim McLaughlin) email

Golfers Added To Player Pool

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Connor Wood

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Eli Piper

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Luke Tisdale

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Morgan Withington

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Tatman Bahr