Bob Phillips Shining Light Player Scholarship

We would like to acknowledge our donors who have generously donated funds for the "Bob Phillips Shining Light Player Scholarship".  These donations will directly benefit the dreams and ambitions of junior golfers with financial hardships.  Thank you for your kind and generous support!

Platinum Donors

Jerry and Joan Olson

Gold Donors

John & Amy David
Jim Hyde 
Michael Gibbons 
John & Jean Serafin 
John Sippel
Carol Brinkman
Mike Phillips 
Jack Krings 
Gerry Wisniewski 
Christy Mudd 
Barbara Abbett 
Dennis Flatness
John Murphy 
Michael Holten 
John Kelly
Brian Cooke
Chuck Pecher
Rodney Ragsdale
Edward Goedeke 
Jim McLaughlin, Sr.
Mary & Jim McLaughlin
Bob Phillips
Beth & Rich Ampleman
Kevin Phillips
Michelle Phillips
Rich Phillips

Jeff & Janet Roth

St Louis Junior Invitational Scholarship Committee