1. The opportunity to use caddies in the 2021 championship is to be determined.  Currently, Rule 10.3a has been modified due to COVID-19:  a player is not allowed to use a caddie during the round. 
  2. If a modification to this rule is provided, and caddies are allowed, this will only allow caddies as long as they are not participants in the tournament, adult relatives, professional caddies or golf professionals.   This is inclusive of all PGA professionals, and any person who is a regular employee of a golf course.  For example, staff that may work in a golf pro shop or bag room.  Employees that are part-time summer help only that work in a bag room are allowed to caddie for players in the championship.  Failure to comply may result in disqualification of a player in the tournament.  Exceptions: siblings and cousins that are 21 years old and younger and not participating in the championship may caddy for a player.
  3. Pull Carts are allowed at the championship.   

Player Recruiters

Missouri, Illinois (Shawn Kelly) email   

Tennessee (Kallie Harrison) email

Arkansas (Dave Wells) email

Iowa (Joe Weinbauer) email

Indiana (John David) email

Kansas (Chuck Schasteen) email

Oklahoma, Kentucky (Stan Thompson) email

Georgia, Michigan, NC, Maryland              

(Steve Wendling) email

Hawaii (Bob Phillips) email

All other states (Jim McLaughlin) email