Any player, male or female, ages 14-19* years old as of the day following the last day of the tournament may apply for player registration on this site.  For 2021, the date cutoff the selection committee will consider for the player pool will be April 15, 2021. 

Each player wanting to be considered for formal invitation to the St Louis Junior Invitational must register as a player first (as a petitioning player seeking admission into the championship before receiving registration approval).  

Each player must have a unique e-mail and password when registering as a player.   

Once application for registration as a player has been made, an email confirmation will be sent to the player confirming receipt the player registration request has been made.  

*Players 19 years old must have recently graduated form high school to be considered.


Any player can register on the tournament site as a player, but only approved players that have received personal invitations from the tournament committee can register for the championship.  Cost to enter the championship in 2021 will be $180.00 per player and will include 36 holes of championship golf, the Wednesday practice round, water and Gatorade on the course and the player dinner.

The opening of registration for the St Louis Junior Invitational is noted on the home page of the website.

Limited number of players will be invited to participate.  This is an invitational event.   

There is an opportunity to register and be placed on the wait-list for invited players.  A certain number of invitations will be issued for "wait-list" players.  For those players receiving a "wait-list" invitation, they will need to register for the event to confirm acceptance, and will formally be placed on the official wait-list.  Any players that register as a "wait list" player, but does not gain admission into the championship, will receive a FULL refund for their tournament application fee.   

Final admittance for each event is only confirmed when the player's name is noted on the tee time sheet for the specific event.  Because of the large number of players submitting applications to play in the championship, only a limited number of players will be accepted for the championship.


 Two Honorary Observer spots, one girl and one boy, to attend the Ascension Charity Classic on Friday, September 10, will be awarded to the 2021 Boys and Girls Champions of the St. Louis Junior Invitational.

 The Honorary Observers will receive a special “inside-the-ropes” credential, will be announced on the first tee with the playing group, and will received a signed photo of them with their professional group.

 It will be a one of kind experience for two of our players to have an up-close view of each golf shot and experience the excitement of being right there with some of the best players in PGA history. 


Junior Golf Scholarship

$6,300 raised of $6,000 goal



Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the ST LOUIS JUNIOR INVITATIONAL, please e-mail BOB PHILLIPS

Our continued success is dependent on having a strong core of volunteers that support and promote junior golf.  Thank you for your consideration!

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