Founded as North Hills Country Club in the early 1920's by men of keen vision and foresight, we were the first of our kind in the area with plans for not just the standard 18-holes, but for forty-five greens upon which the members could play.


Moreover, it would not be from the list of local designers that the course architect would be found, but far to the east, Boston to be exact, that a quiet man of uncanny talent was selected - Mr. Wayne Stiles.  

It is perhaps from a combination of these acts that the true grandeur of Norwood can be found.  Nothing done over these grounds in the past eight decades could be said to be run-of-the-mill.  Our story is one of outstanding golfers searching for a course where their skills could be honed and their competitive spirit refined.  It is one of leadership through the years, and we have been fortunate to have such individuals when needed, that saw the need for sound fiscal management as the key to long-term success.  It was from this vision they positioned the club like no other, enabling us to survive the wars, depression, economic downturns and changing business conditions and demographics; while providing the finest facilities to the largest membership in town.

It is this combination of family, competition and vision that have served Norwood so well over time.  These same traits exist in our membership today and will surely be the same characteristics found in generations to follow.  This is the essence and personality of Norwood Hills.  It is found in our members, and it is what they bring to the club each day.  It is what was taught to them as children and what they will teach their children and grandchildren.  It is what has made Norwood Hills a leader in the community and what will serve us in the years to come.

Today, Norwood continues to provide its members with an experience like no other.  Our Members enjoy a great social experience in all areas, from holiday events to daily dining to the swimming pool, fitness center and tennis courts, we have it all covered.


1931 Missouri State Amateur Championship
1936 The First National Left-Handed Championship Tournament
1938 Missouri State Amateur Championship
1936 National Left-Handed Championship Tournament

1948 PGA Championship won by Ben Hogan
1955 LPGA STL Women's Invitational
1956 LPGA STL Women's Invitational
1965 LPGA STL Women's Invitational
1972 PGA Greater STL Golf Classic
1973 PGA Greater STL Golf Classic
1981 MO State Amateur Championship
2001 USGA Sr. Amateur Championship
2014 Missouri State Amateur Championship

2020 PGA Champions Tour Ascension Charity Classic


 Two Honorary Observer spots, one girl and one boy, to attend the Ascension Charity Classic on Friday, October 2, will be awarded to the 2020 Boys and Girls Champions of the St. Louis Junior Invitational.

 The Honorary Observers will receive a special “inside-the-ropes” credential, will be announced on the first tee with the playing group, and will received a signed photo of them with their professional group.

 It will be a one of kind experience for two of our players to have an up-close view of each golf shot and experience the excitement of being right there with some of the best players in PGA history. 


Junior Golf Scholarship

$6,300 raised of $6,000 goal



Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the ST LOUIS JUNIOR INVITATIONAL, please e-mail BOB PHILLIPS

Our continued success is dependent on having a strong core of volunteers that support and promote junior golf.  Thank you for your consideration!

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