2019 St. Louis Junior Invitational at Norwood Hills Country Club

June 13 and June 14

Dangerous Weather Precautions

The Rules Officials, Golf Professional Staff or Golf Services Personnel will sound a horn whenever they are aware that dangerous weather is in the area. When you hear the horn immediately discontinue play, mark your golf ball and seek shelter.  Remember all golf facilities, including practice area are closed during a weather delay. 

Please reference the information below:

  • Avoid:
  • Open fields
  • Lakes, ponds, creeks or river
  • Isolated trees
  • Hilltops
  • Golf carts or open vehicles
  • Golf course maintenance equipment


  • Seek:
  • Shelter as directed in the evacuation plan

Evacuation Plan for Inclement Weather


Junior Golf Scholarship

$6,000 raised of $6,000 goal



Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the ST LOUIS JUNIOR INVITATIONAL, please e-mail BOB PHILLIPS

Our continued success is dependent on having a strong core of volunteers that support and promote junior golf.  Thank you for your consideration!

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